There's this really shitty program that only works for 5-10% of people, but it's FREE, so quit asking for research to find something better, assholes! » 3/25/15 1:09am Wednesday 1:09am

I've grown to like Juliette Lewis, but couldn't STAND her in the 90's because white girl cornrows and Kelly Lynch really would have made a much better Mallory Knox. » 3/18/15 11:29pm 3/18/15 11:29pm

What I want to talk about re: race is the bullshit going on in my "progressive" hometown. Can't even let black people have a space to talk about racism without going apeshit. » 3/18/15 2:41am 3/18/15 2:41am

My Anti-Racist, Anti-Homophobe English Teacher

There's a HUGE brouhaha raging in my hometown right now because the principal of my high school "let" the black kids have an all-black assembly to discuss Ferguson, Eric Garner and Black Lives Matter during the last few days of Black History Month.

In a mostly white community, it is not going well. But the straight,… » 3/18/15 2:33am 3/18/15 2:33am

My High School English Teacher is an Anti-Racist, Anti-Homophobe Hero

My junior year high school English teacher also ran our high school's version of a state-wide anti-drug program called "Snowball." But he ran it a little differently. Where most other schools used it as a weekend for kids to get together and talk about how "not to do drugs," he used it as a weekend for kids to get… » 3/18/15 2:21am 3/18/15 2:21am

Oh, hun. This is Gawker. Most comments here speculating on the homosocialness of a sweet young thing are left by thirsty geighs who have no chance of ever getting it but would like to think that there's a chance, a slim, slim, slim chance, that if they were in the right place at the right time with the right combo of… » 3/17/15 10:24am 3/17/15 10:24am

Thank you! You do not side with husband's best friend over your own brother. She actually made me feel sorry for Patrick because she was so horrible and shitty. Like, she really was the worst person on this episode. » 3/17/15 9:00am 3/17/15 9:00am

Confessions sold 12 million copies, Music 15 million and Ray of Light 20 million, all within the last 20 years. Not to mention the 9 top ten singles and dozens of Hot 100 singles in that same time period. That's an awful lot of "die hards." » 3/09/15 2:12pm 3/09/15 2:12pm

Prosecutors have a really high bar when it comes to criminal prosecution for their indiscretions, and even as someone who works for an innocence organization, I think that is right. What is messed up is that the Supreme Court took away all civil liability for prosecutors and - more importantly - DA's offices being… » 3/07/15 4:15am 3/07/15 4:15am

That's the worst... I'm on the ground floor in some pipeline corner in my giant pre-war building, so anytime there is a roof problem, I get flooded. I was two hours late to work last week because we had a warm up and the snow on the roof started melting and whatever crap had built up in the storm drains hadn't been… » 3/07/15 3:45am 3/07/15 3:45am

Oh fun, I made it with my major fail! Hopefully others can learn from my mistake (though I will always endorse Trent Reznor for all occasions because I'm just so '90's like that). » 3/07/15 3:32am 3/07/15 3:32am

Damn, I wish that was how it worked, because that looks amazing. My real-life SAD cocktail is a Welbutrin served in front of my lightbox at six am. And as little booze as I can manage from November to February because it makes my symptoms worse. Thank god the SAD season is almost over! » 3/03/15 8:44am 3/03/15 8:44am

I am from Chicago so I managed to spend my first 18 years of life in the Midwest and never had Hot Dish. It makes me sad, because tater tots are awesome so that shit looks delish. » 3/02/15 2:46pm 3/02/15 2:46pm

I can't say too much, but from things I've heard, it seems like he is trying to find a way to give back. Obviously this doesn't mean anything about anything when it comes to his mental health or what is going on in his personal life. But as a person involved in non-profit, I can say that Ryan is reaching out to a… » 2/27/15 10:32pm 2/27/15 10:32pm

1994, suburbs of Chicago, summer before my senior year of high school. I'm a sexually frustrated 17 year old gay boy and my parents have left me home alone so I'm having a party - nothing outrageous - with my friends. My 18 year old girl friend has brought the 20 year old dude she's screwing around with and he - in… » 2/27/15 9:09pm 2/27/15 9:09pm