HA! New York is over. Brooklyn is SO over. Everything that made New York great in the 90's and Brooklyn great in the 00's has been thoroughly destroyed, developed and sold off as multi-million dollar condos. I've been here for two decades but I'm ready to head to L.A. » 9/17/14 11:11am Wednesday 11:11am

Obviously the concept of noblesse oblige is completely horrifying, but I find it even more horrifying that someone like this douche thinks he can get the rewards without living up to the responsibilities. The only reason BS like Elizabeth Hurley auctioning off a kiss is even tolerated is because there is an… » 9/06/14 3:56am 9/06/14 3:56am

Late to the game, I KNOW, but: To me agnosticism means more than a personal "not knowing." It's actually a philosophy that the true nature of the universe, reality, existence, what have you is UNKNOWABLE by human brains. As in, whatever the ultimate state of "this" is, we could not ever get an accurate picture of it,… » 9/04/14 10:21pm 9/04/14 10:21pm