I got together with my ex young (20) and 14 years later we both wanted completely different things out of life and got divorced, so I think you're right that our needs change and if they don't change the same way, it's better to move on. And I'm also pretty sure I'll never get married again... he remarried 5 months… » 12/04/14 3:20pm 12/04/14 3:20pm

Both of my parents have/had master's degrees, my mom as the first generation in her family to go to college, my dad as the son of an attorney. My mom went to a very well respected journalism school and had a career as a reporter then columnist at a major newspaper then transitioned into freelance communications work… » 11/22/14 12:08am 11/22/14 12:08am

Take your dog off your list of worries. You have plenty on your plate and she will be fine. I dogsit for all my friends and the dogs are always are so sad to see them go and an hour later TOPS we are snuggled up in front of the TV, having surrogate cuddles and fun. I am sure she will be fine.

Sorry about your friend.… » 11/21/14 11:28pm 11/21/14 11:28pm

The flame was already dying, but when a recent BF started always referring to sex as "sexy time," as in "when we get home tonight, we need to have SEXY TIME!" it was like the flame had done the ice bucket challenge. Boner killed.

That same ex was also always strangely euphemistic about sex, which wasn't a turn-off, but… » 11/21/14 8:59pm 11/21/14 8:59pm